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Who we are?

Qoolmax Engineering Services Ltd is a locally incorporated limited liability private company based in Nairobi Kenya. It was registered on April 2011 under Companies act CAP 486 and later incorporated as a limited liability company on 12th July 2013.It later changed name from Qoolmax Enterprises Ltd to Qoolmax Engineering Services Ltd in February 2019.

Qoolmax Engineering Services Ltd is poised to be one of the leading engineering and contracting company which specializes in design and Installation of Mechanical engineering works in private, corporate and public sector.

We always endeavor to provide quality services to our clients, the best services we can and ensure that our services are top-notch and are within the projected timelines and budget as much as possible.

What we do?

Through pre-designed mechanical engineering services by consulting MEP engineers and other building consultants and creativity, we provide our clients with broad based Mechanical installation services in the following areas: –

Strategy & Vision

Vision Statement

Qoolmax Engineering Services Ltd strives towards being known as the most Reliable and Cost-effective Mechanical Engineering Services installer within the industry and region.


Qoolmax is proud to be one of the most informed plumbing and Drainage companies within the industry.

We are consistently adapting our methods of approach to suit each clients’ needs, through a great sense of understanding and communication. By not being subject to only one field of the plumbing industry, we are proud to be both versatile and forward thinking in provision of mechanical and Building services range.


Qoolmax Engineering services believes firmly in Honesty, Reliability, Integrity and Consistency.

We have experienced management and competent technical staff who are dedicated in ensuring that projects

Quality, Environmental Health & Safety Policy

Qoolmax Engineering services is committed to complying with all customer and regulatory requirements, internal procedures, and voluntary programs to which it subscribes. We, as an organization, strive for excellence in our quality, environmental, health, and safety activities in order to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers, employees, and community. In order to uphold our commitment, we work as an integrated team to achieve and continually improve upon key objectives:

Offering the best products and services resulting in superior customer satisfaction


Promoting and advancing our environmental efforts including the reduction, reuse, recycling, and conservation of natural resources, within all possible fiscal and technical capabilities, in activities such as but not limited to: construction, facility and process management, product design, and external operations. We use green gases for refrigeration for all our new HVAC projects. For retrofitting projects, we advise client to order new machines on latest technologies which optimize on usage.

Health and Safety

Providing a safe working environment free of recognized hazards, reducing the risk of harm to employees, visitors, and properties, and ensuring appropriate controls and contingencies exist to address unforeseen events.


Providing our employees with the necessary training and tools to successfully implement this policy and perform their work competently.

Technical Support to Clients

We do offer basic training on operation of Mechanical systems we maintain to technical staff of the client during maintenance, defects liability period and post construction period through our time to time impromptu courtesy calls to our previous clients. We do share operation, maintenance and technical data on systems we install.

Corporate Social Responsibility

 Ensuring that our actions positively affect, protect, and sustain the communities where we work and live QEL senior management acknowledges and supports the organizational objectives outlined in this policy and deems that it is incumbent upon all QEL personnel, associates, and contractors to assess their individual responsibility to fulfill the obligations of this Quality,

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